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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  February 27, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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was confronted by sergeant loran "butch" baker and detective elizabeth butler when they came to branciforte avenue as part of an investigation and jesse was walking nearby. >> i don't know what they were thinking. but they were insistent that i identify myself and make sure i was not the one they were looking for or that i was not involved in whatever was going on. >> reporter: when he convinced them -- >> he shook my hand and said you can understand why we're so defensive out here. we have a job. >> reporter: they were apparently looking for this man, 35-year-old jeremy goulet. and when they found him, investigators say goulet shot the two officers death. >> when i heard the gunfire, i just assumed it was the officers who were taking out the suspect, knows the other way around. >> reporter: goulet took off and law enforcement swarmed the scene. he was found a half hour later at this property on doyle street. >> the shooter must have jumped over the fence. i saw him coming down here and down the path and then another
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round of bullets. >> reporter: officers shot and killed him. at least 20 bullet holes could be seen at this property on doyle street this morning. questions have been swirling about the suspect who works here at the kind grind coffee shop on the santa cruz harbor. reports say he was fired on saturday after an arrest for disorderly conduct on friday. his friend said he was depressed and suicidal. he had previous gun an sex convictions in oregon. all night and morning this memorial has been growing outside the santa cruz police department. >> i wanted to show them love. >> reporter: someone leaving a purple heart to memorialize the officers' sacrifice. sean baker is a 28-year -- sergeant baker is a 28-year veteran from the department leaving behind a wife, two days every daughters and son. detective butler was with the department for a decade and leaves behind her boyfriend and two sons. the police chief said sergeant baker was the most skilled investigator in the department.
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we'll have more information for you, the latest tonight on kpix 5 at 5:00 and 6:00. len ramirez is here and stay tuned of course to live in santa cruz, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> 818 north branciforte avenue across sunny side and water stage in the area of two victims of gunshot wounds 1531. >> police dispatch radio revealed a chaotic scene yesterday. you will hear more of those dramatic calls tonight at 5:00 and 6:00. >> a busted water pipe left homes damaged cars flooded and people in one san francisco neighborhood ankle deep in water this morning. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is in san francisco where the water left utility crews with another big problem. cate. >> reporter: yeah. that problem is actually right behind me. let's show it to you now. this is where utility workers are focusing their efforts right now. this sinkhole was created by the break. as these crews are trying to
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clean it up, city workers are meeting with residents in this neighborhood to try and repair the damage. >> what are you going to do? >> it really is kind of a terrible loss to have this happen. >> reporter: neighbors let us into their homes to show us the aftermath of this morning's water main break. raymour rain no says his family lost precious memories, none of which can be replaced. >> water in the street and kept hearding buzzing, i don't know where it was coming from. i came down my stairs and saw the water. oh, geez. i didn't know what happened. >> reporter: jason wu and his family just moved here two weeks ago. he says he woke up to his printer floating on the first floor of his new home. a new home without flood insurance. >> we have homeowners insurance but i don't mean i would say that probably t majority of san franciscans would have flood insurance. it's unexpected. >> reporter: those who live near 15th and wawona are stepping in this -- and this --
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>> we came down the stairs and there was just a lake down here. so there's about a foot and a half of water. >> reporter: the break happened just before 3:00 this morning. san francisco public utilities commission says it was an old cast iron pipe were 1952. the break caused hundreds of thousands of gallons of water to flood cars and more than 20 homes. >> a 16" line is about three to four times larger than our typical residential line. so it's a lot more water being pushed out. so when a break happens, more water just because of the pipeline is bigger. >> reporter: water make breaks in the winter are common. not because of outside cold temperatures. >> our water comes from hetch hetchy, which is about 160 miles away. moves by gravity. if the temperature drops it makes the water temperature colder as it coarses through our cast iron pipes causing an expansion which can lead to breaks. >> reporter: we don't know if
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that was a factor in this case. they replaced a sewer line in the neighborhood a couple of months ago and they will be investigating if that played a factor in this morning's break. live from west portal district, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> i understand the building inspectors are out today. did they force anybody out of their homes? >> well, no. the building inspectors did yellow tag some buildings though frank. but that just means there was water damage to it but everyone is allowed to stay in their homes. >> a lot of work to do. cate caugiran, thanks. the families of a bay area couple that went off the grid in peru are speaking out after news of the couple being okay. u.s. embassy officials say jamie neal and garrett hand got lost in a small village with no ability to contact family members. they were spotted on a boat near a remote village. her sister says she is excited but still skeptical. >> they should be arriving in ecuador at the border and
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that's then when someone will physically see them. >> they hadn't been heard from in more than a month. >> pope benedict xvi addressed catholics during an emotional sendoff today. vinita nair is in vatican city where tens of thousands packed st. peter's square to witness history. >> reporter: pope benedict xvi arrived in st. peter's square for his final general audience smiling and waving from the popemobile. he spent about 15 minutes saying hellos, stopping to admire one of the youngest in the crowd. aides assisted the 85-year-old as he walked up to the platform. in a clear strong voice, the pope thank the faithful from the bottom of his heart. the holy father acknowledged his eight-year reign had rough spots saying at times that it seemed like the lord was sleeping. benedict retires tomorrow and plans to dedicate the rest of his years to prayer. >> i was deeply freightful for the understanding -- grateful
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for the understanding, support and prayers of so many of you. >> reporter: an estimated 150,000 people cheered and waved signs thanking the pope for his service. some wiped away tears. >> opportunity to say good-bye to someone who really saved our lives. >> it's been a real honor and privilege to be amongst this crowd. >> reporter: the pope will be at the vatican until tomorrow afternoon. then he will take a helicopter ride to his summer home where he will say one final good-bye. many are eager to find out who will succeed benedict. >> where he comes from doesn't matter to me. i think what's most important is that he stays true to the catholic faith. >> reporter: dozens of cardinals are already here to begin the election process. the pope asks catholics to keep them in their prayers. vinita nair, the vatican, kpix 5. 115 cardinals will take part in the conclave. the secret selection process will take place early next month. right now, bay bridge
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officials are looking at the budget for a big party. the bay area toll authority is discussing the $5.6 million contract today. if approved, celebrations will start after a 5-day shutdown of all bridge traffic. then some 125,000 people will be allowed to walk across the new eastern span before it opens up to traffic. and the new span opens in just over six months. labor day weekend of course. and kpix 5 is the official television station for the opening ceremonies coming up in september. there you go. the countdown is on, 187 days left. >> there we go. famed pianist van clyburn has died. ♪ [ music ]♪ >> he rose to fame in the 1950 arizona when he won his first international tchaikovsky piano competition in moscow. the musician had been suffering from bone cancer since august. he was 78 years old. . still ahead, the war on
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breast cancer takes a scary turn. >> coming up next dr. kim will look at an alarming increase of risk to one of the last groups of people you would expect. >> plus, he started the first ten games for the 9ers before being benched. where alex smith is going. >> i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the kpix 5 weather center. a strange week with temperatures in the 70s and maybe rain too. we'll talk about that coming up.
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during the game. kaepernick went on to lead the 49ers to the nfc championship and a close loss to baltimore in the super bowl. a source close to the deal said the 9ers will get a second round draft pick in april. number 34 overall. and a conditional pick in the 2014 draft. there is still no indication that congressional democrats and republicans are anywhere close to a deal to avoid that $85 billion in automatic spending cuts. those cuts will kick in, in less than two days unless there is a agreement up on capitol hill. >> we should not have to move a third bill before the senate gets off their ass and begins to do something. >> i think you should understand who is sitting on their posterior. we're doing our best here to pass something. the speaker is doing nothing. >> they are speaking their mind. yesterday president obama rejected a republican plan that would give him the flexibility
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to allocate those $85 billion in spending cuts. democrats say higher taxes should be part of the solution. here in california, some predict the sequester cuts will cost the state 125,000 jobs and other losses including $670 million in federal grants, more than $3 billion in statewide military and defense revenue. scary new numbers on breast cancer in young women. cases have tripled over the past 30 years. today dr. kim looks into why. >> reporter: researchers pored over data at the national cancer institute and made a startling discovery. since the 1970s, the number of young women diagnosed with deadly breast cancer is slowly but steadily going up. >> this terrible metastasized late stage breast cancer is actually increasing in young women. >> reporter: the number rose from roughly 250 cases in 1976
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to 850 30 years later. dr. tina clark is with the cancer prevention institute of california. >> this gives us huge pause as to what might be going on in these women to cause such aggressive breast cancers. >> reporter: while the study doesn't provide any clues as to what's driving the trend -- >> it is mind-boggling. >> reporter: dr. bill goodson has an idea. >> i think we're living in a big chemical soup. >> reporter: goodson says the cancers in the report are fueled by hormones but don't blame the pill. >> that doesn't explain what goes on with men. and something is affecting men in roughly the same way as it affects women. >> reporter: he says we are seeing a similar trend in male breast cancer and he suspects chemicals like bpa, a controversial compound that's thought to mimic estrogen and is used in everything from plastic bottles to the linings in cans. >> the degree to which chemicals have been part -- have become part of what we are is -- is -- is staggering.
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>> the american chemistry council says bpa has been extensively evaluated and declared safe for use but experts say if you are concerned, you can minimize exposure. don't microwave food in plastic. buy food in glass jars. and say no to receipts. did not know bpa was in receipts. >> now we know. how about weather, lawrence karnow? >> and boy, we are looking good around the bay area. we are going to see some wild weather though some 70s this week and then maybe a little rain so i think we hopefully will get back to showers around the bay area but right now basking in sunshine. that's going to stick around into the afternoon. these temperatures will be amazing for this time of year. we have clear skies out over the bay a few high clouds overhead. we'll see those from time to time throughout the afternoon. but it will be a beautiful day. 62 degrees in concord and now 54 in san francisco. 61 in san jose. toward the evening hours looking nice, plenty of sunshine and these temperatures it's going to be mild to warm outside partly cloudy tonight as we'll see a few high clouds
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warmer days ahead at least for the next few days and then big changes toward the weekend. the pollen count is moderate so yes if you have been sniffing and sneezing a lot of pollen and trees blooming around the bay area at this time of the year so we are going to see more of that with the mild conditions. we have a flat ridge hanging out along the pacific just strong enough to especially koo the jet stream to the north. so -- stron enough to keep the jet stream to the north. so from time to time clouds will work over the top of the ridge. other than that mild to warm. maybe we start talking about some mid-70s friday. how about around the state? around 68 degrees in sacramento, 68 in fresno, 56 degrees in yosemite, and 48 in lake tahoe. as we head around the bay, we'll keep those temperatures mainly in the upper 60s. maybe some low 70s in the south bay this afternoon. 60s at the coastline. and then we are looking at 60s as you make your way to the east bay. those temperatures soaring in the 60s by the afternoon and then looks like almost 70 degrees as we head toward the latter part of the day. yeah, it looks like it is going
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to be a beautiful afternoon and indeed, we're pretending that we'll see, well, hopefully some rain in the near future. maybe a chance of some showers as we get toward the weekend. but just a slight chance of a few sprinkles north of the golden gate bridge saturday night into sunday. i think a better chance of rain now as we head in toward late tuesday and into wednesday. but for the next few days, wow, it's going to be gorgeous. >> friday looks gorgeous. >> that's the day to play hooky if you are going to do it. [ coughing ] >> i'm calling in sick! [ laughter ] >> lawrence can anchor the news. [ laughter ] still ahead, an airport temper tantrum. a passenger flips out over something that has probably happened to you.
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picking out the perfect batch.. fresh grocer tony tantillo is in the house today with imported blueberries and he says there is a trick to picking out the perfect batch. >> reporter: winter blueberries, hey, you can't beat it. but you have to select them and store them right or otherwise, forget about it. they are going to be bitter. this is what you have to do when you buy them. look at the tray, the darker the better, very important like this nice and dark all the way around. check the size of the tray or the bottom of the -- sides and bottom of the tray. if there is any moisture, they are decaying and that you don't want. when you bring them home, store them in the refrigerator right away. that is so important because remember, they are imported. they come from thousands of miles away. so buy them, store them for one
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or two days, and then enjoy them. never wash them before you store them. but always wash them before you enjoy them. and we all know the blueberries are super foods. loaded with nutritional value. and this time of year blueberry pancakes or anything is great. i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. i love blueberries at any time.
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or will be soon we'll help you find a plan that fits your needs. call or go online now to get answers.
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information, just released in the santa cruz police department shootings.. anne.. check back now in anne makovec. >> there is new information out just release in the santa cruz police department shootings. >> reporter: as if the story wasn't disturbing enough we know more details about what happened directly after the shooting. and i wanted to have you look at the memorial too now that some of the reporters have cleared out of the press conference area this memorial growing all night and all morning long in honor of the two detectives that were killed yesterday, sergeant butch baker and elizabeth butler. they came to the suspect's house jeremy goulet in santa cruz. they came to his house on a sexual assault investigation and he shot and killed them. today officers say that the suspect then stole the detectives' guns and then tried to get away in their car. luckily wasn't able to go very
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far because police cordoned off the area and they had been protecting the ins an outs of the neighborhood so he wasn't able to get very far. he was able to hide for about 30 minutes, that is when they had a shootout with him and he was shot and killed. the new information we got this morning he was wearing body armor and had three guns and some were the guns of the officers themselves. that is what we have right now. we are going to have more details for you tonight on kpix 5 at 5:00 and 6:00. right now live in santa cruz, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> thank you for that live report. we are still getting information on a very difficult story. >> keep updated on our website, captions by: caption colorado
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>> bill: i know you're hurting for your daughter. if there's anything i can do... >> taylor: shouldn't you be out on a date? then again, if you got rid of that beard, you might get more dates. >> thomas: hello, mother. >> taylor: it's as true now as it was in my day. >> thomas: what's that? >> taylor: all work and no play makes... >> thomas: thomas next in line for the forrester presidency. >> taylor: i thought that was all settled. >> thomas: things are always
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changing, around here, especially. why aren't you out on a date? >> taylor: uh, well, i, uh, had to stop by at bill's office to give him a little, um, information. >> thomas: mom, i don't have to remind you, do i? the guy's married. >> taylor: that wasn't what i was, uh, sharing with him. i was sharing something different. we're going to be grandparents. your sister is pregnant. >> thomas: [ sighs ] >> steffy: okay, um, we're in big trouble. your kitchen is totally bare. all you have are these. >> liam: oh! geez. >> steffy: and this. >> liam: hey! no, no, no, no. >> steffy: and this. hey, if we have a boy, you guys are going to be playing a lot of catch together. >> liam: girls play catch. >> steffy: you're telling me, the world's biggest tomboy. >> liam: yeah, well, you're not a tomboy anymore. >> steffy: what am i? >> liam: now you're a mother-to-be. a super sexy --


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